Measure Your Earned Media

The Benchmark for Social Performance

We believe the best marketing happens when audiences engage and opt into the conversation. developed Social Index with the goal of becoming the industry standard for measuring earned media value (EMV) and campaign ROI.
Social Index 2.0 leverages a combination of expert analysis, machine learning algorithms and vast amounts of proprietary and public data. 
The index helps brands and agencies take engagement and earned media ROI measurement to the next level.

Measure Your Social Media ROI with Social Index

Social Index helps you understand the value of your influencer, content marketing, and other social media campaigns. By accurately measuring your impact, you can create more efficient marketing budgets.

Over 1,000 companies have downloaded our research to help understand the ROI of their campaigns, while multiple platforms have integrated Social Index into their reporting tools through our easy-to-use API.

Introducing the Social Index 2.0 Report and Member Area

We are pleased to introduce our dynamic Social Index 2.0 values and membership offering. For only $600 per month, you can access the following:
  • Social Index 2.0 Report Values

  • 300+ key industry earned media values across 7 top social platforms

  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok

  • 10 total industry verticals: Automotive, Beauty and Fashion, Consumer Electronics, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Gaming, Health Care, Travel and Leisure, Overall

  • Social Index White Paper archive

  • Social Index API ($30,000 value)


    Quantify ROI for Social Media and Influencer Campaigns

    Social Index is a unique tool for tracking your brand’s social media performance. It uses the industry’s most trusted values to evaluate your social actions, which can then be compared to competitors or other brands within your company. You can quickly integrate the data for use within your own systems.


    Provide your Customers with the True Judge of ROI with our a.EMVI API

    Built on decades of media buying, combined with analytics reporting for Fortune 500 companies, third-party research and our advanced Orchestra Tech platform, companies trust our Index to give them a dollar value for the social media actions and endorsements that make up modern earned media. Bring in the baseline or the more precise vertical values into your marketing platform today to enhance the value proposition to your customers through our API.

    a.EMVI has influenced over 3,000 companies worldwide